Yoon Shi-yoon on K-show Train and imaginary worlds

On the off chance nonton drakor baru that you’ve been staying aware of Korean dramatizations, you’d realize that separated from the as of late finished up It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, there’s another show broadcasting in a similar period that likewise looks encouraging: Train.

The K-show, featuring Yoon Shi-yoon, follows his character as an investigator who gets involved in the series of murders across universes. Sounds befuddling? You may get befuddled while viewing the principal scenes, yet it’s drawing in to the point that you’ll hold returning for additional.

Actually, the dramatization previously began serving unexpected developments in the initial two scenes, so you know you’re in for a ride.

CLEO figured out how to get some time from the lead entertainer, Yoon Shi-yoon, who goes about as Seo Do-won, for an email meeting to get some answers concerning the show, how he has developed as an entertainer and what he would do on the off chance that he met his other self in an elective universe.

1. Both Psychopath’s Diary and Train are wrongdoing/criminologist shows. Is it safe to say that you aren’t stressed over chipping away at too comparable a type consecutive?

As the class of wrongdoing is a widespread kind, I don’t figure both would appear to be comparative. In spite of the class being the equivalent, the technique for approach is extraordinary.

Mental case’s Diary was about a customary non military personnel who got mixed up as a homicide, while Train is about the disentangling of reality behind a sequential homicide case through the intersection of universes. Therefore, I don’t think both will radiate a comparable inclination to the crowd.

2. You go about as a criminologist in the dramatization. On the off chance that you were an investigator, in actuality, what sort of criminologist do you think you’ll be?

It likely would be an investigator who satisfies his standards since equity holds power among the guidelines set by the larger part. I surmise I would set my activity aside and do equity if compulsory insidious social guidelines exist.